Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

11.1.2016 presentation: Askar & Niemi: Pathventure / Rotake / Kinetic Furniture

PDF of the whole presentation here


(1) Pathventure
What? Tiles with marked “checkpoints”
Why? Encourages playful participation in the city, something fun and random

09 prototyping experience-1


(2) Rotake
What? Sushi-inspired rotating table for parties
Why? “Sharing is catering”, having snacks/drinks becomes interactive

09 prototyping experience-2


(3) Kinetic Furniture
What? Wheels+motors; You can move furniture with a digital system (app or wearable)
Why? It would be cool. “Use the force”

09 prototyping experience-3


Category: Student Projects


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