Rapid prototyping for music, art and design work

Perrito faldero (Lap dog)

Sound object that interact with the voice.

The aim is to create a metaphor of the digitalization of the sound, continue signal to discontinue signal, and to try to make a machine, which react with the voice’s expressivity.


input sound -> microphone -> audio interface -> computer (max/msp) -> arduino board -> motors -> output sound

Sound: the principally incoming sound is the voice.

Microphone: cardioid headband voice microphone.

Audio interface: it transforms the analog signal in digital information.

Computer (max/msp): It analyzes the information (pitch and amplitude) that comes from the interface with help of the fiddle object (Max/msp). For control and to communicate with the arduino, I use the arduino object.

Arduino board: the information that the analysis gives me, modify the number of motors that are active and the velocity of each one.

Sound object: is a small machine that consists in twelfth motors that are controlled by the input sound (voice). Each motor produces a pulse and repetitive output sound. Three of them have the possibility to control their velocity and others to control only on/off.

Sound: the pulse and repetitive sound is created by each motor with a propeller touching a fix material in each rotation.

Alejandro Montes de Oca

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