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QML training for Nokia N9

QML is a good user interface prototyping tool to develop mobile phone applications on Nokia devices. It is a JavaScript-based declarative language, which you can easily create UI and run it on the mobile phones. This post collects QML training materials especially for UI designers who doesn’t know programming but need to demonstrate UI as working software. To set up QML developing environment on your PC, please look at another postdescribing a step-by-step installation.


  • PC (Mac, Windows or Ubuntu)
  • N9 (Version PR1.1 is recommended)
  • QtSDK: XCode need to be installed in advance for Mac users
  • Qt Creator: This comes with QtSDK
  • USB cable

Hello world

  • Qt Creator User Interaface
  • main.qml and other qml files
  • QML Elements and anchors
  • Simple transitions
  • Touch / Mouse interaction
  • External QML, property and signal

Qt Quick components

  • Label, Switch and disabling Swipe gesture
  • Check box and hiding toolbar
  • Orientation Lock
  • Theme changes
  • ToolBar, ToolButton and Page Stack
  • Multitouch
  • Menu
  • Flickable
  • DatePicker
  • GridView

MeeGo Qt Quick Simple Tutorial

QML Elements

MeeGo Qt Quick Components

Meeo Qt Quick Components Extra

Symbian Qt Quick Components reference

(There are a lot of common components between MeeGo and Symbian. Symbian often has more descriptions) Symbian Qt Quick Components Extra

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