Mmmusic Table

Mmmusic Table by Liisa Tervinen

Mmmusic Table is an installation I made for my final exhibition at the Artist in Residency at the Vorwerk e.V. in Hamburg in Nov 2010.

The residencies last usually 3 months and they are available for 3 persons at a time. You get your own apartment and use of the studios and the gallery. While I was there, I got to know another artist Lianne Hall, a singer-songwriter from UK. Together we worked on her music video (see below), she was writing new songs in the studio and I was learning Pure Data, LilyPad Arduino, trying to sell my Christmas animation to TV channels and was doing new animation tests.

At the end of 3 months, we had an exhibition in the houses Gallery where I presented theMmmusic table, which plays Lianne Hall’s songs. I used conductive yarn, LilyPad light sensors and LilyPad main board together with PureData. The lyrics of each song were handwritten on a paper that was attached to a glass table. The circuit was stitched with the conductive yarn on the paper. Visitors were able to listen to a song from an old phone’s receiver that was on the table, by moving their hand on each song.

Mmmusic Table by Liisa TervinenMmmusic Table by Liisa Tervinen

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