Portfolio: Juho Jouhtimäki

I’ve made a pretty big simulation/role-playing game (though still a demo) with Flash 8/AS 2. The game was my final thesis project from TAMK/TTVO and it was also a co-operation project with the students of development studies at the University of Helsinki.

The graphics were made by Anniina Hautala and the music and sounds by Jussi Järviniemi. I was the game designer, programmer and assembler.

The game contains currently over ten thousand lines of code and I learned quite much about AS 2 during the project. I haven’t had time to learn AS 3 yet. This course is a good excuse for doing that. I’d also like to learn a bit more about OOP, because I’m not too familiar with it.

The game demo can be found here: http://www.nugali.net (Safari is not recommended). The demo is in Finnish only.

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