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Audio visualizer

Audio visualizer with OpenFrameworks from Régis Frias on Vimeo. Inspiration (Magnetosphere, by Robert Hodgin): I believe this was not supposed to be a tutorial or anything, but some people were curious to know how I did this exercise. Here’s … Continue reading

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Processing tutorials by Daniel Shiffman

Introductory Processing tutorials, nicely executed on the browser (via Forrest Oliphant):

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FFT analysis in Processing

Sound spectrum analysis with FFT in Processing, via minim:

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Videos for learning creative programming

Fun Programming is a series of videos explaining creative coding. Processing is used as the main programming environment, but the videos are also useful to understand the basics of programming in other environments. Link:

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GameSketchLib is a new open-source game library for processing and processing-js, by Michal J Wallace. It grew out of video game programming tutorials he made for absolute beginners. Link: GitHub link:

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Process works by Casey Reas, 2004-2010

A body of (exceptional) work over 7 years, clearly explained in 11 minutes. By Casey Reas, of Processing.

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From Processing to the Android Market, via @creativeapps

from CreativeApplications.Net In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to sign and publish a Processing/Android sketch to the Android Market. Note that the signing process should be automated and accessible from the PDE quite soon. You can follow this specific issue … Continue reading

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Processing 1.5

Good post on the new features of Processing 1.5, before version 2.0 arrives (expected this Summer): Processingjs 1.1 has also been released recently:

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Books on computational graphics

Two interesting books / resources tips: Generative Gestaltung The book is in German, but a English version is apparently coming out soon. The website also contains a large amount of Processing code examples: (via Till Bovermann) Graphics Gems … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Kinect controller hacked

Via BBC News: Microsoft’s Kinect controller has been hacked only a few days after it officially went on sale. Code to control the motion-capture device has been produced that allows it to be used with a PC rather than the … Continue reading

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