Songs has been over time one of the most popular objects for romance (or unromance…).

It seems a song can say what you cant, and sometimes a song can feel like it came out of your mind and not out of the mind of a stranger pop artist.

For my project I want to do a visualizar of songs. I want to build an app (or something like that) that can produce generative posters of the songs that you want, so then when you dedicate a song, you can actually give it in a printed poster.

I found some references on generative design that were interesting for this project.

Stem by Diana Lange – Building stems from colour with Processing

Narratives 2.0 - Axel F

Narratives 2.0

The result of my project is a basic approach of I want to do. It is a good start to develop further in this investigation of how to visualize real time sound in a printed format.
image image image

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