Multimedia Authoring: project proposals

On 10/12, we will have our project concept presentation.

The project can be any application that involves the combination of different media with code. It should be interactive and/or generative. Particular attention should be paid to the combination of multiple media. Real-time audiovisuals are the main suggested topic, but other topics are possible.

The preferred programming environment for the projects is openFrameworks, and this will be the one I will mostly give support to. However, you can use any other programming environment, as long as it matches the level of complexity we approached in class.

Please present your concepts by posting to this blog, before 10/12. Use the name of your project as title. In case you prefer to post the concepts somewhere else, simply post the link to the blog. Please add in the post:

  • at least one image (it can be a sketch) or video of your project
  • a paragraph (or more) about the project
  • a link to or video embed of at least one related project that you find inspiring

Days 11 and 12/12 will be dedicated to development, debugging and tutoring. The final projects will be presented on 13/12. For that date, please:

  • update your blog post
  • provide a ~20 second video screen capture of your project (720p)

Additional references/inspiration:
Audio-Visions YouTube playlist

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