Portfolio: Diana Sousa

I’ve used Flash mostly for building website prototypes and make web promotions. I give you an example from the work I’ve done while working at the advertising agency Adsek, in Tampere.

It’s an online teaser to get subscriptions for a magazine. It has a small game where people where asked to decorate an empty room. I did the graphics and the animations but I didn’t know how to do the code for that game – so that’s the kind of thing I’d like to learn. Other basic things I couldn’t do there was the preloader and a link to the music (it’s an external swf file).

This was a low-budget project. The music was bought from online music libraries and the coding was done by the media agency Tremedia.

You can find it from here:
http://www.mlab.uiah.fi/~ddesousa/Deko/index.html (original version)
http://www.dekolehti.fi/netti (it’s still online, but they made some changes)

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