Multimedia Authoring, part 2

The second part of the course focuses on multimedia authoring with interactive and generative media, using Flash and ActionScript. Additionally, it explores managing external media and data. It also contextualizes Flash and ActionScript within multimedia authoring and object-oriented programming. Students and teacher will exchange examples of Flash-based projects and online resources.

Wed 2.5.2007
Contextualizing Flash and ActionScript; object-oriented programming (OOP)
Introduction to variables, arrays, functions, listeners, text fields, components
Interaction: buttons
Math class, operators

Thu 3.5.2007
Information control: conditions/loops
Time: onEnterFrame, setInterval, Date class
Interaction: keyboard, mouse position
Movie clip class: properties

Fri 4.5.2007
Movie clip class: paths
Movie clip class: drag and drop, hit test

Tue 8.5.2007
Movie clip class: duplicate, attach, create, remove
Movie clip class: drawing methods

Wed 9.5.2007
External communication: loading text, images, swf files; pre-loaders
External communication: ActionScript files

Thu 10.5.2007
Sound class
Text: String, TextField, TextFormat classes

Fri 11.5.2007
External data: LoadVars, XML classes; PHP

Recommended book:
Chun, Russel (2006), Macromedia Flash 8 Advanced, Berkeley: Peachpit Press
(new version of the book, for Flash CS3, released 8th May 2007)

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