John Maeda

I’m sure that if you are visiting a blog called “media+code”, you already know the work of John Maeda.

Anyway, it might be useful to collect some links to his work in a entry.

About John Maeda:

John Maeda is a world-renowned graphic designer, artist, and computer scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory. He has pioneered the use of the computer for people of all ages and skills to create art, and is a pioneering voice for “simplicity” in the digital age. Maeda (…) is Associate Director of Research at the MIT Media Laboratory.

Maeda’s early work redefined the use of electronic media as a tool for expression by combining skilled computer programming with a sensitivity to traditional artistic concerns. This work helped to pioneer the interactive motion graphics that are prevalent on the Internet today. He also initiated the Design By Numbers project, a global initiative to teach computer programming to visual artists through a freely available, custom software system that he designed. He has displayed his work at numerous exhibitions, lectured extensively worldwide, and has published several books featuring his graphic designs.


Maeda Studio site:

MIT Physical Language Workshop site:

MIT Aesthetics + Computation Group site:

MIT Simplicity (experimental research program) site:

Simplicity blog:

Laws of Simplicity blog:

Design by Numbers software site:

Flickr web page:


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