Quartz Composer and openFrameworks

ofxQuartzComposition is an addon for openFrameworks to load, control and render Quartz Compositions (.qtz files) inside openFrameworks.

In the video above:

two quartzcompositions (rotating cube + grid of morphing shapes) being loaded and mixed with openframeworks graphics in an openframeworks app. The slider on the bottom adjusts the width of the rectangle drawn by openframeworks (ofRect), the 6 sliders on the floating panel send their values directly to the rotating cube composition while it’s running in openframeworks

from http://www.vimeo.com/16346790, by Memo Akten

The demo also uses (and requires) ofxCocoa. Links:

Memo Akten also notes:

How is this different to Vades ofxQCPlugin (http://code.google.com/p/ofxqcplugin/​) ?
ofxQuartzComposition is the opposite of ofxQCPlugin. ofxQCPlugin allows you to build your openframeworks application as a QCPlugin to run inside QC.
ofxQuartzComposition allows you to run and control your Quartz Composition (.qtz) inside an openframeworks application.

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