Flash course at MediaBizLab, Aalto Media Factory

I am currently teaching Flash at MediaBizLab, Aalto Media Factory.

The objective of this component of the course is to enable participants to create prototypes and interactive mock-ups.

Program and resources

28/1 – Session 1: Basic concepts and managing information flow
1. Text and text fields [tutorial]
2. Variables [tutorial]
3. Functions [tutorial]
4. Arrays and loops [tutorial]
5. Drawing by code [tutorial]
6. Buttons [tutorial]
7. Conditionals and properties [tutorial]
8. Exercise – basic drawing tools

11/2 – Session 2: Graphic design and user interface
1. Continuous events [tutorial]
2. UI components [tutorial by Adobe]
3. Loading images [tutorial]
4. Loading text [tutorial]
5. XML [tutorial]
6. Publishing a project [tutorial]
7. Using the timeline [tutorial by Adobe]
8. Exercise – creating a small mockup project

Additional links on prototyping with Flash:

More links, resources and tips for further explorations can be found here.

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