Flash 10 – Adobe makes some noise

Adobe is developing Flash 10 Player:

You might be aware of the “Adobe, Make Some Noise!” campaign to bring more sound features to Flash:

Well, it seems Adobe is making some noise. Check out Tinic Uro’s blog:

Tinic Uro is a Flash 10 developer. In his words:

Yes, in Flash Player 10 you will be able to dynamically create audio. It’s not an all powerful API, it is designed to provide a low level abstraction of the native sound driver, hence providing the most flexible platform to build your music applications on.
With what we provide in Flash Player 10 we hope that we are addressing the most pressing needs of what you want to do with sound. I will likely be just a matter of time until we’ll see high level frameworks done by the community on the magnitude of something like Papervision3D. The next couple of years should be very interesting indeed when it comes to sound on the web.

Although a lot has yet to be done for turning Flash into a powerful audio development platform, the door has been opened and the future looks bright. In my opinion, this is quite exciting for developing online audio tools, and will lead to some revolutionary events in the sound world. Stay tuned…

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