Software Studies for Media Designers – Flash and ActionScript

This week we will be studying Flash and the basics of ActionScript.

Step-by-step tutorials for all the exercises (with one exception) and respective source/final files are available in this website I’ve recently completed:

Themes and topics:

19/10 – Basic concepts and managing information flow

  1. textfield [tutorial and files]
  2. variables [tutorial and files]
  3. functions [tutorial and files]
  4. arrays and loops [tutorial and files]

20/10 – Display objects and events

  1. buttons [tutorial and files]
  2. conditionals and properties [tutorial and files]
  3. continuous events [tutorial and files]

21/10 – Drawing by code, components and creating classes

  1. vector drawing [tutorial and files]
  2. generating random numbers [tutorial and files]
  3. class creation [tutorial and files]
  4. components [tutorial by Adobe]

Update – we did not go through exercise 1., although the tutorial text is still relevant. Instead, we did an exercise on drag and drop and collisions, fusing these two tutorials:

Drag and drop

22/10 – Loading external elements

  1. loading images [tutorial and files]
  2. loading text [tutorial and files]
  3. xml [tutorial and files]

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