Multitouch Interaction: project proposals

On 7/December, we will have our project concept presentation.

Theme of the project:

  • The project can be any application that involves multitouch interaction.
  • Many of the exercises under the “iPhoneExamples” and “iPhoneSpecificExamples” folders in openFrameworks are a good representation of the techniques we are learning in the course, and can be used for inspiration.
  • Also check other oF resources, such as the oF Forum. The Forum is very rich on information and resources, and has a dedicates iOS section.
  • In your project, you will probably have to mix parts of these exercises, and the exercises done during the classes.

How to present the concept:

  • Present your concept using wireframes (see links below), and a project synopsis (a summary, 2-3 paragraphs of text).
  • I would like something closer to high-fidelity than low-fidelity wireframes (check Wikipedia link below for distinction).
  • If your wireframes are low-fidelity, you should convey a visual character for the project, for example using mood boards:
    (there are many more resources on the web and mobile regarding mood boards)
  • Then publish all these elements (synopsis, high-fidelity wireframes, or low-fidelity wireframes + mood board) somewhere on the web.
  • I would recommend that you publish them as a post on this course blog.
  • Otherwise, publish them somewhere on the web or in Onni, and post the link to those materials as a comment to this blog post.

The concept and the final project:

  • Please be realistic regarding what you plan to present on 14/December.
  • In the project synopsis, explain how far the project will be implemented by 14/December.
  • It is OK to present a project prototype on 14/December, but it should be interactive and take advantage of multitouch.
  • You can also see it as a beta or “version 0.1” of a project, which is getting closer to a final release (this is more developed than a prototype in my opinion, therefore preferable).
  • If what will be presented in 14/December is only an early stage of something else (a prototype, a beta) you should indicate a clear path to its development in the future (meaning, it has to be something feasible anyway).

Wireframe links:

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3 Responses to Multitouch Interaction: project proposals

  1. mhuhtan1 says:

    My concept for Multitouch Interaction (autumn 2011) course is “Dirk the gentle show wrestler”-story application.

    User can follow the story by dragging a big canvas where the story is laid. In each hot spot user can listen that part or read it by pressing a button.

    Dirk, his friends and the story is my own, so there is no problems about the copyright. I will use quite a lot of code from Open Frameworks iPhone examples, which should help me finalize it on time.

    Here is the link to the project introduction:

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