Multifunctional Sliders

The realized project consists of a free number of sliders that have two axis of movement, but not independently. Additionally there is a row of triangular buttons that change to a pad area when scaled up large enough.

My original project proposal was a multitouch controller that sends OSC control data. The main work is to realize two sets of three circular sliders each with a range of 0–255 and have a circular button in the middle that enables dragging the centerpoint when finger is held in the middle and dragged. In addition there are ten boolean buttons that can be tapped to change their state, dragged around to act as sliders according to their X and Y coordinates as well as pinched to change their diameter, another parameter. One option would be to have them move freely with the inertia of the dragging and include another circular slider in each.

[Updated] Get source files here

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