Multimedia Authoring: project proposals

On 27/4, we will have our project concept presentation.

The project can be any application that involves the combination of different media with code. It should be interactive and/or generative. Special attention should be given to the concepts of sensoriality and experience.

The preferred programming environment for the projects is openFrameworks, and this will be the one I will give support to. However, you can use any other programming environment.

Please present your concepts by posting to this blog, before 27/4. Use the name of your project as title, and “Projects” and “MMA2012” as post categories. Include graphics/sketches and a project synopsis (2-3 paragraphs of text). In case you prefer to post the concepts somewhere else, email me the link and I will post it to the blog.

The final projects should be presented 2 weeks later, on 11/5.

Additional references/inspiration:

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