I ‘m planning to make a mindmap/note-making tool that I haven’t been able to find anywhere. (If you know one like this, please tell me and I can do something else :) )

The one thing I don’t like in mindmaps is that the layout is hierarchical and all the nodes are tied to hierarchy and each other with strings. What I need is kind of  a post-it brainstorming way of adding ideas and organizing them afterwards and more freely.

Basic features

  • Fast writing neverminding the relation between words. Just write and hit enter and you have a node bubble.
  • Orginizing  After writing down words you can freely drag, group, resize, edit, add, storage and delete the nodes.
  • Storage of “not so good ideas” on the bottom of screen.
  • Output/share (to image or pdf)

Some possible features

  • Tag based categorizing and use of  self organizing map algorithm to “auto-organize” nodes based on their colors and tags.
  • Rating
  • Lines to make connections
  • Draw to background
  • Draw a picture into a node
  • Media add an image or other stuff from web/drive.
  • Multiuser mode
  • Quick links (to google, music player)
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