Project presentations

Today we have the final presentations for the Multitouch Interaction 2012 course. However, you can continue working on your apps until just before Demo Day (20/December), I will give out the credits then. In order to get the credits for the course, you should have the source code on our shared DropBox folder by 18/December. Also for Demo Day (with the exception of Kris who will present separately), you should duplicate and fill in the A4 “leaflet template” that will be in the DropBox soon (Suse will prepare it and upload it latest tomorrow) until 18/December. These are the projects that will be shown in Demo Day:

  • Barbara – The Hipsterizer
  • Dan – Fishtank
  • Fabian – Generative Drawing
  • Henrik – School of Fish
  • Laura – Nevermindmap
  • Leyla – Storyland
  • Noora – Photo Tintamarresque
  • Pedro – minMosaic
  • Ranjeev – Poke the Zombie
  • Sasha – JADE
  • Servet – Conway’s Game of Life with Sound
  • Soonjai – Sound Visualizer
  • Suse – Urban Alphabeths

I will need to meet:

  • Suse on Monday [done!]
  • Laura on Tuesday (to record video)
  • Laura on Wednesday (to setup iPad)
  • Servet on Wednesday
  • Henrik on Wednesday

Because they have special requirements regarding their apps. These students should contact me so that we meet. There will be the following people in the floor spot at Demo Day showcasing the apps:

  • Laura 13h
  • Ranjeev 14h
  • Barbara 15h
  • Nuno 16h

Special requirements:

  • Sasha – iPod only
  • Suse – iPod only; photos in photo library; keep photos afterwards

BTW Fabian just mentioned the new Single app mode in iOS6, great for showcasing apps in events:

If anyone wants to do an extra project, or substantially develop their projects, until Thursday, then we can discuss getting extra credits.

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