VJ Tool for vvvv

My goal is to create a vj’ing tool for loading and controlling vvvv patches. While there are existing solutions available I’ve always felt that they have some crucial problems that I want to solve with my own approach. The main thing is to make the patch as light-weight as possible which means that I will be satisfied using only one channel, displaying one patch at a time.

For each sub-patch I’ll provide twenty sliders for controlling different parameters and post-processing effects. Also to avoid the screensaver style non-changing nature of generative apps I will create a ten phase state machine to help adding some drama.

The plan is to work on GUI on Tuesday and Wednesday and once it’s done I will create a couple of example patches that show what one can do with my tool.

vvvv http://vvvv.org/

Svvvvitcher (for vvvv) http://vvvv.org/contribution/svvvvitcher

emptyset – Collapse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu8tspoGuWw

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