Concept: simple instrument app

I’ll develop a simple instrument app for kids as a side project to the Foxströms game we’re developing together with friends and Medialab graduates. The app uses the same instrument set that is in the Foxströms game, but without the characters playing them. Now the user can be the player!

The concept is called Foxströms Instrument Workshop. The concept idea is divided into 3 steps.

The first step is that the user can visit the instrument workshop of the band and test out how the different instruments sound and play them. There is the same set of instruments that in the original game. User can choose one instrument at a time. The chosen instrument is highlighted. There are pads on the screen for playing. Each pad plays a sound on a certain pitch.


The second step is to make the instrument sounds adjustable, using Maximilian Open Frameworks add-on. There will be basic effects that can be applied to the instrument sound: delay, distortion, chorus and flanging.


The third step is to allow the user to record their own sound and then play that sound. That can either be done with granular synthesis or with individual sounds for each pad. Probably I won’t have time to go this far, and the concept of the app has changed few times. But anyway, it’s an idea.


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