Multimedia Authoring, part 2

The second part of the course focuses on multimedia authoring with interactive and generative media, using Flash and ActionScript 3.0. Additionally, it explores managing external media and data. It also contextualizes Flash and ActionScript within multimedia authoring and object-oriented programming (OOP). Students and teacher will exchange examples of Flash-based projects and online resources.

Wed 26.3.2008 9:15-12h
Introduction to Flash, ActionScript, and OOP;
Math class, operators, arrays;
Interaction: buttons, keyboard.

Thu 27.3.2008 9:15-12h
Information flow: conditions and loops;
Creating continuous actions;
Movie clip: properties.

Fri 28.3.2008 9:15-12h
Movie clip: navigating timelines;
Movie clip: drag and drop, hit test;
Movie clip: adding and removing.

Wed 2.4.2008 9:15-12h
Loading text, images, .swf files;
ActionScript files.

Thu 3.4.2008 9:15-12h
Vector shapes: Graphics and Shape classes;
Bitmap images: Bitmap and BitmapData classes.

Fri 4.4.2008 9:15-12h
Sound class;
Video in Flash.

Wed 16.4.2008 9:15-12h
Thu 17.4.2008 9:15-12h
Fri 18.4.2008 9:15-12h

Project work.

Recommended book:
Chun, Russel (2007), Flash CS3 Professional Advanced, Berkeley: Peachpit Press

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