Multitouch Interaction @ Media Lab Helsinki 03/2014

Video and photo documentation from the Multitouch Interaction 2014 course:

Thank you:
course participants
openFrameworks community
More info on individual projects:
John Roberts – Palace – Dial Records

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Multitouch Interaction – project presentations

We will have project presentations from the Multitouch Interaction course tomorrow (14/March) at 10am. Location: Media Lab (Otaniemi campus, Miestentie 3), 5th floor computer room. Everybody’s welcome.

You can get an idea of the around 13 projects that will be presented (mostly mobile apps) by checking the project concepts:

Photos from the initial exercises:

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Using addons in openFrameworks (such as ofxBox2d)

Using addons in openFrameworks might create problems, compiler errors, files not found etc. Therefore, I recommend that you use projectGenerator, an app that comes within the openFrameworks folder (inside the “projectGenerator” folder).

More info:

(note: in ofxBox2d, testApp.h, there is a typo, you have to fix it (line 7): ofxiOS > ofxiOSApp)

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RGB Blender

I would like to make RGB blender app. Tapping top color pot, each color will drop to bottom, and blended.
The reason why I want to make this is, I am bad at imaging to mix color.

Also if there are enough time, I want to make “quiz mode”.
Quiz mode asks you to make some particular color i.e. “Blend the color of Facebook”.


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OSC StepSequeser

A basic step-sequencer with OSC output, I want to make it in 3D, with GLSL interaction, in the future.


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Balloon Note

My project is a Note app. It’s not a rectangular shape note that you can organize texts linearly, but a circular shape note borrows a motif from balloons. There’s no complex menu, a user can just drag the screen and create balloons in size he/she wants, then write a short text on it. The user can decide classification and importance by selecting size, color and weight (position of the balloon : light balloons go up, heavy ones go down). Also, the user can delete the note (pop the balloon) by double tapping or two finger touch.

-to do list, idea note, keyword memo.

-free and creative approach to organize memos

default main


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Multitouch Racing!

I want to make a 2 player game that can be played using a single iPad. The idea is to have the players racing on a track on the middle of the playing area – a bit like in the arcade classic Slick & Slide. The cars have a constant speed and the only thing the players have to do is steer the vehicle in the direction of the track, by pressing down RIGHT or LEFT buttons. If the player leaves the track, the car speed slows down considerably.

When a player wins a race he or she receives a crown. When a player has 3 crowns, they win the game! The loser is given the opportunity to challenge the winner to a rematch.

Here is the presentation slides: Project Proposal: Multitouch Racing PDF

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Game prototype: Multi-touch mechanics

My project is about creating a simple game prototype using multitouch controls. Please check it out!


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Multitouch game

I will make a multitouch game for kids. The player or players control small objects (colors, numbers or characters) and try to solve problems/missions, such as combining colors or numbers which creates sounds.

“Become the biggest.”

Inspiration: Osmos and Auralux. Auralux is quite musical, the game experience is fun.

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Linda Vuorenvirta Project

presentation_screen-1 presentation_screen-2 presentation_screen-3 presentation_screen-explosions
My project is a simple game. You press the button “Launch!” and this creates 15 coloured balls, 10 blue ones and five pink ones with numbers. They bounce around the screen, being confined by the borders. (Perhaps the accelerometer will also dictate which way they are bouncing? I haven’t decided yet.) You need to touch the pink balls in order (1-5), and once you do, they explode. This could be made more difficult by speeding up the rate at which the balls bounce.

This explosion is cool, I might try to simulate something of this sort but simpler, with just flat colours like these screenshots.

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