I’m trying to learn a bit about 3d OpenGL programming by creating a simple environment, a room. At this moment I have basic textures, lighting and fog working, as well as simple movement commands. If I don’t run into major troubles, I hope to add at least some of the following features: looking around with mouse, very simple collision detection (so that you don’t go through walls), some kind of ambient soundtrack (done with SuperCollider), a lamp as a point light source and perhaps some blocky furniture.


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  1. Nuno Correia says:

    Room is looking good Joonas! I wonder if you can find an easy way to add more “meat” to your project somehow? Suggestion: add some narrative element, some clues to be discovered, some hidden info, some ghostly elements (it’s looking kind of spooky already, shouldn’t be hard:)… let me know if you need assistance with the concepting side.

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