Multitouch Interaction 2011 course reel and images

This video is a compilation of the exercises and projects done during the course.
iOS apps source code available at

Screenshot 2011.11.23 14.23.40 Screenshot 2011.11.24 17.07.58 Screenshot 2011.11.24 17.13.01 Screenshot 2011.11.25 16.56.32 Screenshot 2011.11.25 16.59.15 iPhone exercise 6 iPhone exercise 7 iPhone exercise 8 Guest Jari Kleimola IMG_9243 IMG_9258 IMG_9271 IMG_9273 IMG_9277 IMG_9281 IMG_9285 IMG_9288 IMG_9296 IMG_9295 IMG_9300 IMG_9301 IMG_9310 IMG_9314

Thank you: all course participants, openFrameworks community
More info on the course:

Music/sound used in the video:
Recloose – Electric Sunshine (Rush Hour)
Other sounds by users (attribution in the respective apps)

Projects by:

Georgia Panagiotidou
Hsin-Yu Huang
Antti Hietaniemi
Johanna Rotko
Ilari Niitamo
Mari Huhtanen

(in no particular order)

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