minBox is an iPhone application that allows you to create minimal music by making use of pre-recorded sounds on your device. The app allows you to use those sounds and edit some parameters like the pitch, reverb, volume, etc.

With this project I would like to explore the idea (des)fragment and related somehow with the philosophie of  the ‘musique concréte’ that has emerged during the 50’s.

In the context of the course of Multitouch Interaction I would like to develop a prototype that allows you to add 5 different sounds/samples and play and interact with their parameters.

All my presentation can be seen in here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EWiQBr8pqBuwtmcQy907BZVoNjuJqxb1hO5WxoFWQsQ/edit

In here are some projects that I took as inspiration:


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