Multitouch Interaction 2015 – overview

The course focuses on using multitouch interaction to create engaging experiences on mobile devices (focus: smartphones/tablets). The course concentrates on the iOS platform, but for their own projects students can also use other platforms.

The main development environment for the course will consist of openFrameworks/C++ with Xcode. Students should have previously attended the Software Studies for Media Designers course, or have equivalent skills. As part of the course students are required to plan, develop, document, present and reflect on their own project at the end of the course.

schedule (might be subject to change)

Tue   12.5. 9-12    Introduction (developer registration, development environment (oF, Xcode)
Wed  13.5. 9-12    Text, accelerometer, touch
Thu   14.5.              No class, Ascension Day
Fri      15.5. 9-12    Generative graphics, playing video + sound

Tue   19.5. 9-12    Image manipulation, project proposals
Wed  20.5. 9-12   navigation and/or classes
Thu   21.5. 9-12    Project development
Fri     22. 5. 9-12  Project development

Mon 25.5 11-3       Optional tutoring
Tue   26.5. 10-12   Project presentation

course files (will appear here during the course)

Example 1: Hello World
Example 2: Spin Text
Example3: Touch
Example 4: Move Squares (generative graphics)
Example 5: Video Player
Example 6: SoundPlayer (take a look at it. We didn’t go through this one in class)
Example 7: Image Manipulation
Example 8: Snow Flake Class

students’ project code:

Beatbox by Poyan Mohseninia
Good Morning by Jae Yong Kim
I see you by Jinhee Kim
Lottery Machine by Antti Ottonen
Zoo by Lisa Dai

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