Designing Interaction with Electronics

Next week I will be teaching part of the Designing Interaction with Electronics course at Media Lab Helsinki, 8-10/September.

A description of the course:

The course provides a journey of design process from developing concepts to prototyping interactions. During the course, an intensive workshop is held for a week to learn how to build prototypes using software programming and electronic assembling. The rest of the course is organized by 2 hours weekly workshops and lectures. After a theme is given, students will work on developing concepts within groups and planning for prototypes. Actual prototyping experience consists of two phases. The students will be asked to present their work in progress after the first phase. Feedback from guests and other audiences should be applied to the second. The final prototypes will be presented in the Xmas demoday in Media Lab.

Prototyping environment – Arduino, Adobe Flash and Nokia N900

The course will be coordinated by Michihito Mizutani, I will teach the Flash component of the course.

More information at the Media Lab website:
and Michihito’s Paja blog:

Program and resources for Wednesday 7/9 and Thursday 8/9:

Wednesday 8/9 – Adobe Flash/ActionScript
Basic concepts and managing information flow. Display objects and events.

textfield [tutorial and files]
variables [tutorial and files]
functions [tutorial and files]
arrays and loops [tutorial and files]

buttons [tutorial and files]
conditionals and properties [tutorial and files]
continuous events [tutorial and files]

Thursday 9/9 – Adobe Flash/ActionScript
Drawing by code, components and creating classes. Loading external elements.

vector drawing [tutorial and files]
generating random numbers [tutorial and files]
class creation [tutorial and files]
components [tutorial by Adobe]

loading images [tutorial and files]
loading text [tutorial and files]
xml [tutorial and files]

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