Kinectic Jam Session 3


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On 9/3/2011, the third and last (for now…) “Kinectic Jam Session” took place at Media Lab Helsinki. The objective of this last session was to provide some step-by-step tutorials on how to set up Kinect with different programming environments, such as openFrameworks and Quartz Composer.

1. openFrameworks setup presentation, by Nuno Correia

1. Install Xcode
(follow the instructions here, also to install open Frameworks)
2. Download openFrameworks (v0.062)
(run one of the apps > examples to check everything is running)
3. Download the addon ofxKinect,
run the example
4. Optional – download TuioKinect source
5. Example built on top of TuioKinect

2. Quartz Composer setup presentation, by Matti Niinimäki

1. Install KinectTools and v002 Open Kinect plug-ins
Go to and download both plugins under “Quartz Composer”.

KinectTools plugin goes to:
mac hd > library > graphics > Quartz Composer Patches

v002 Open Kinect.plugin goes to:
mac hd > library > graphics > Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

2. Install TUIO Quartz Composer plug-in
Go to:

TuioClient.plugin goes to:
mac hd > library > graphics > Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

Matti alerted to pay attention to the following setting in the TuioClient patch inspector:
Settings > UDP Port 3333

3. Play with the pluggins, connect to Sprite patches, Structure Index/Key Member patches (in the case of TUIO), etc.

Matti demonstrated a use of Kinect with’s rutt/etra patch (depth image connected to rutt/etra displacement image).

Matti ended by recommending a visit to and
for matters related to multitouch and gestures.

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  1. Nuno Correia says:

    By the way, Chris O’Shea ( has recently finished two interesting Kinect projects:
    Body Swap ( and
    Little Magic Stories (

  2. Nuno Correia says:

    More details on Microsoft’s Kinect SDK:
    “robust skeletal tracking” of two simultaneous individuals (…), full access to the Kinect’s array of four microphones for noise canceling and voice recognition complete with API support

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