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AIR for Android tutorials

goToandLearn() have posted recently two good video tutorials on AIR for Android: 1. How to setup your development environment with Flash CS5 2. How to access the camera on your Android device

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Flash iPhone/iPad apps now possible

Adobe reverses ban on Flash iOS apps (and other third party development software): As Adobe states: Apple’s announcement today that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines has direct implications for Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature … Continue reading

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Multimedia Development – new online materials for learning Flash and ActionScript

In August, I developed 3 “learning objects” related to Flash and ActionScript, entitled “Multimedia Development”: This is similar to an online course (although allowing for self-exploration), and somehow adapts some of the lessons I’ve been teaching in my latest … Continue reading

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Eaze Tween – Flash AS3 tweening library

Eaze Tween is a “smart, fast, chainable and compact Flash AS3 tweening library”. Link to the library: Link to a post about Eaze at the developer’s blog: A project built with Eaze and TUIO:

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Google Chrome browser integrates Flash plug-in

Interesting news on the Adobe vs Apple vs Google saga: Google Chrome browser now integrates Flash plug-in:

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Flint Particle System

This is a good resource for particle emitter libraries. They also supply good documentation, examples and a useful tutorial that covers the basics.

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“Throw” tutorial with physics behavior

From a video tutorial for creating a “throwable” slider, with physics behavior (source file available):

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Flash, HTML5 and iPhone/iPad – Web Monkey article

There have been a lot of articles lately regarding the “future of Flash”, with recent moves by YouTube and Vimeo towards H.264 video, and Apple’s launch of a “flashless” iPad. This Web Monkey article is the best I’ve read so … Continue reading

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Mobile apps – case studies

Article from Adobe Mobile and Devices Developer Center about mobile apps and brands (with case studies):

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Rich media ads with Flash

Tutorial on rich media ads from Adobe Flash Developer Center:

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