Multitouch Interaction – course program

The course focuses on using multitouch interaction to create engaging experiences using different media elements. Multiple devices will be used, with an emphasis on mobile phones/tablets and the iOS platform. Other devices and platforms will also be discussed.

The main development environment for the course will consist of openFrameworks/C++ with Xcode. Students should have previously attended the Software Studies for Media Designers course, or demonstrate having acquired equivalent skills. Students are required to plan, develop, document and present a project at the end of the course.


27/Nov – Introduction and developer registration
28/Nov – The development environment (oF, C++, Xcode); text
29/Nov – Generative graphics; multi-touch; accelerometer
30/Nov – Bitmap image

04/Dec – Video; sound
05/Dec – Project proposals – presentation and discussion
(please check this link from last year, but take into account the new date, 05/Dec)
07/Dec – GUI; classes

11/Dec – Project development
12/Dec – Project development
13/Dec – Project development
14/Dec – Project presentation

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