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Kinectic Jam Sessions

On 28/2/2011, we had the first “Kinectic Jam Session” at Media Lab Helsinki. These sessions aim to be very informal and hands-on, based on showing and doing things together. Objectives: – Exchange experiences regarding development with Kinect or related technologies … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Kinect controller hacked

Via BBC News: Microsoft’s Kinect controller has been hacked only a few days after it officially went on sale. Code to control the motion-capture device has been produced that allows it to be used with a PC rather than the … Continue reading

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Processing for iPhone

iProcessing is “an open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language. It is an integration of the Processing.js library and a Javascript application framework for iPhone.” Link:

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Processing for Android

Processing for Android is now out. Peter Kirn has posted an interesting article at Create Digital Motion about it: Processing now runs just as easily on a mobile platform with Android. You can try it with the free SDK … Continue reading

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AIR for Android tutorials

goToandLearn() have posted recently two good video tutorials on AIR for Android: 1. How to setup your development environment with Flash CS5 2. How to access the camera on your Android device

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Nokia N900 and Flash examples

Exercises from: Designing Interaction with Electronics course, 9/2010 Media Lab, Aalto University, School of Art and Design By Michihito Mizutani and Nuno Correia (Flash teaching/demos) Course information and materials available here: Introductory Flash/ActionScript tutorials available here: Nokia N900 … Continue reading

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Flash iPhone/iPad apps now possible

Adobe reverses ban on Flash iOS apps (and other third party development software): As Adobe states: Apple’s announcement today that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines has direct implications for Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature … Continue reading

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Flash, HTML5 and iPhone/iPad – Web Monkey article

There have been a lot of articles lately regarding the “future of Flash”, with recent moves by YouTube and Vimeo towards H.264 video, and Apple’s launch of a “flashless” iPad. This Web Monkey article is the best I’ve read so … Continue reading

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Mobile apps – case studies

Article from Adobe Mobile and Devices Developer Center about mobile apps and brands (with case studies):

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Authoring mobile Flash content for multiple screen sizes

As previously mentioned, Flash CS5 will give Flash developers the ability to build and deploy native iPhone and iPod touch applications. With yesterday’s iPad announcement, the importance of designing for different screen sizes has become even more apparent. Android phones … Continue reading

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